Preciosa will sparkle in the original jewellery at JCK Show 2016, Las Vegas

February,2nd   2016 , By Royi Sal team

Preciosa and Royi Sal represent two strong companies that build their expertise and craftmanship on a long tradition and generations of people who became real masters in the glass and metal processing. Two experts with a responsible approach to their customers create together the most valuable jewellery in the market. You can admire the result of this cooperation at JCK Show in the Royi Sal booth No. 3146.

Royi Sal

Royi Sal is the leader and specialist in crystal jewellery manufacturing in Thailand. The reputation of Thailand as a center of the Far East civilization has been reflected in the rich forms of art and craftsmaship of Thai people. Their knowledge of metal processing has been brought to the excellence through generations. That´s why Thailand has been recognized as one of the world's major gems and jewelry centers. High quality and attention to detail are elements of continued success for the Royi Sal jewellery.


Preciosa is located in the Crystal Valley, a unique region in the heart of Europe. Thanks to its natural wealth and especially due to the local craftsmanship and talented people, the glassmaking traditions of this place have remained unspoiled for centuries. Preciosa is building on this famous past, adding the latest knowledge and technologies, and continues in producing the highest quality crystal that comes from the real cradle of the crystal making.

The craftmanship of both companies and their strong connection create one the finest crystal jewellery in the world. Come to see sparkling PRECIOSA Crystal Components in the large selection of the original Royi Sal jewellery collection. We are happy to invite you to the booth No. 3146 at JCK 2016, Las Vegas (3.6. – 6.6. 2016).