Why You Should Definitely Have These Crafts in Your Jewelry Collection

June,5th   2017 , By Royi Sal team

TINY PEARL ANIMAL Download image Booth: B3146  Pavilion: PASSPORT

It all starts with science and as a result cultured gemstones, physically and optically identical to those mined underground — but they have fewer flaws, a lighter carbon footprint and cost less, too. They cover nearly every color imaginable, from white and cream to rose to gold, black and dark green. They mean something different to each wearer. To some, they're badges of wealth and success, to others, they're meaningful as birthstones, symbolic for their legendary power, or simply beloved as a favorite signature color.


Inspired from mother nature’s extremely rare and expensive caviar pearls, combined with animals considered as “Good Luck Symbols” - “TINY PEARL ANIMAL” pendant collection is a must-have part of your jewelry collection. It includes animals like Ladybug, Rabbit, Elephant, Dog, Owl in a fine silver finish, with clear white cubic zirconia gemstones.

Certain animals have lucky connotations in various cultures. Most attributions of luck originate from our ancestors observing animals in the wild. Resourcefulness, cleverness, the ability to escape harm...all of these would answer the question "what makes an animal lucky?". Now you have the opportunity to combine caviar pearl uniqueness with a good-luck symbol, from Royi Sal and “TINY PEARL ANIMAL” pendant collection.

LOVE KNOT Download image Booth: B3146  Pavilion: PASSPORT


Drawing its inspiration from stories or legends in which the knots symbolize the connection between a couple in love. There are many examples featuring sailors separated from their beloved throughout history. Ashley notes that it was once common for sailors' wedding rings, where gold wire was wrought to incorporate the "true lovers" knot such that resultant ring would comprise two tori: each flexible to move about the other; yet nevertheless inseparable.

Another legend describes that to show if a young couple's love would last, each would take a small limb of a tree and tie a lovers knot. If the knot held and grew for approximately a year, their love would stay true. Inspired by these facts, “LOVE KNOT” collection comes in 3 colors to choose from: 1) Fine Silver , 2) Gold - Plated , 3) Two-tone. The “LOVE KNOT” collection is produced in 5 different choices: Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces from Royi Sal.

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