June,7th   2017 , By Royi Sal team


JCK Las Vegas jewelry show tends to be an event that cannot be described in words. You will have to attend in person to really grasp the full picture...however I’m going to try and sum up the 5 best things to watch for, walking through the exhibitors vast area.

  • 1. Considering adding man-made (lab-grown) diamonds to your inventory? There’ll be plenty of choices waiting you in the First Look pavilion, which is located on Bayside Level 1. The “B” before each company’s booth number indicates that they are Bayside like Royi Sal’s Booth in Thailand Pavilion No. B3146
  • 2. There’s now an entire “neighborhood” dedicated to security. The Jewelers Security Alliance partnered with the show this year to create an area dedicated to companies that offer services for physical and IT security as well as other concerns, like shipment and payment processing.
  • 3. There’s also an “Experience” area. Retail Experience is a new area of the show floor for companies not selling jewelry but solutions for e-commerce, customer relationship management, social media, merchandising, staffing analysis and online reviews.
  • 4. Augmented reality will play a role. Many exhibitors will present augmented reality platforms that can educate about, display and share custom designs and diamonds via holograms. A few of these companies will be displaying machines that allows customers to virtually search their inventories and view holograms of their diamonds in both their polished and rough state.
  • 5. The layout of the show can been seen online. A PDF of the Disney-like version of the floor plan is available here. In this page you can find a map with exhibitors locations on the floor plan.


Royi Sal’s team has been closely working with international designers from NYC and London, the past year. Working with agencies who can be considered as “trend-setters” we are excited to present fresh and new collections that your clients will love...

  • Here is an short preview - teaser: (click on the link to see the full collection items & order online)
  • “TINY PEARL ANIMAL”: Inspired from mother nature’s extremely rare and expensive caviar pearls, combined with animals considered as “Good Luck Symbols”
  • “LOVE KNOT”: Inspired from stories or legends in which the knot symbolize the connection between a couple in love.
  • “TRUE TO YOU”: Inspired from real life stories that serve as a reminder to be true to yourself and embrace your journey.
  • “BILLION BLESSINGS”: Encouraging optimism and empowerment through positive living with empowering messages.
  • “HEALING STONES”: Inspired by traditional native American jewelry designs using gemstones well known for their healing properties.
  • “FLORAL DICTIONARY”: Combining fresh floral trends with floral sentiments, you are invited to discover the meaning of your name in this floral dictionary.

And don’t forget, visit Booth B.3146 - Royi Sal’s booth in JCK Las Vegas event - and make sure you place your order on the spot to claim a 10% Instant Discount.

(Terms & Conditions: The 10% discount applies to all orders booked and confirmed with down-payment during the days of JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Event. Dates are 5 to 8 of June 2017. This promotion is only for new customers of Royi Sal Co., Ltd.)

Source: http://www.nationaljeweler.com/independents/trade-shows/5476-10-things-to-know-about-jck-las-vegas-2017

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