14 Benefits Of Choosing Royi Sal As Your Jewelry Supplier

In Royi Sal we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our business partners. That’s why we are going over and under to keep improving the quality of services we provide. Below you will find the most important benefits our business partners enjoy.

As an indication, the majority of our business partners mentioned an approximate 30% decrease in costs like labor working hours, new product designs & development, import taxes and so on.

FREE, unique new collection design service

You will have access to our designer team and be able to design new collections for free. This is a unique feature of our long-term service to our customers. (up to 3 collections/year for minimum orders of $60,000/year) [save $1,980 per collection design - total $5,940]

FREE, unique new product development service

You will have access to our product development and research team and be able to produce new collections for free. This is a unique feature of our long-term service to our customers. (up to 5 collections/year including research + design + 3D + master mold for minimum orders of $300,000/year) [save $5,860 per collection development - total $29,300]

Save money with almost 0%* import tax

Save a lot of money by paying a lot lower import tax (in some cases almost 0%) depending the country you import to. Our logistics team will provide you with all necessary paperwork about Thailand’s Free Trade Agreement such as GSP, FTA.

[save 10% to 20% in import tax costs depending the country]

Obtain SWAROVSKI & PRECIOSA certifications

Royi Sal Co., Ltd. is certified to manufacture & sell jewellery using SWAROVSKI & PRECIOSA crystals. We can provide you with the proper documents to certify and register your products with your local SWAROVSKI & PRECIOSA representative. [Increase profit by 50% to 100% using worldwide known brand names]

Registered with D&B D-U-N-S global business identifier

Rated with an “A1 - Good” rating under the global business identifier system which controls the finances and good standing of companies globally. You can feel assure to trade with us.[save about 60 working days in delayed orders and even avoid getting involved in legal prosecutions]

100% QC and QA inspection during production

Our manufacturing process complies with AQL 1.5 standards in final quality control. Your products will be passing through high quality product control to guarantee
high quality. [save about 3-5 working days per received order]

Children safety is a Top Priority

All children jewelry merchandise is produced under the strictest product safety regulations. Additionally all the raw materials we use to produce children jewelry are tasted by international third party laboratories. [save about 60 working days sourcing from a factory AND $5,000 from laboratory tests]

Fair, equal standards for all

We believe in building long lasting trustful business relationships with our partners.That’s why we handle all of our orders in the same standard as a major retailer would, no matter the volume of your order.Small or Big, you are getting our full experience and attention.

Total compliance & transparency

We believe in transparency and full compliance with industry standard, applicable laws, regulations and market needs. Your order will be produced under these standards and you’re welcome to visit our factory for an audit, anytime. [save about 60 working days sourcing from a factory]

Choice of custom metal

All of our business partners have the option to choose an alternative metal for their products. You can always choose between Silver, Brass, Bronze and Gold.

Professional English speaking support

Have your questions answered in less than 24 hours or have our team call you anywhere in the world and speak with a professional English speaking member of our support team.

New product introductions, monthly

You will receive a monthly newsletter update introducing new products straight from the product development labs. [save about 1 working day doing research]

Special occasion products updates

You will receive catalogs & offers for special occasion items such as the holiday season, 4th of July, famous movies and local celebrations. [save about 1 working day doing research]

Annual jewelry trends, updates

You will receive annual jewelry trends and predictions to help you prepare and keep your product purchases updated for the coming year. [save almost 1 working week doing research]

Our team focuses on building long-term relationships with our business partners. Due to this fact we maintain continuous business partnerships for more than 10 years with several of our customers. We are eager to get to know you and your business as well as explore how we can assist you with your jewelry supplier needs.